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Game Report is a big data service specialized in games. You can use it to analyze all game data and improve the in-game indicators.

Optimal game solution
that gives you easy access to various analyses

Real-time in-game indicator analysis

ThinkCore processes all in-game logs in real time to provide real-time analysis indicators essential for game operations.

Game balance optimization

It is very important to solve game balance problems at an early stage. Optimization of balance between game resources is facilitated through related indicators of information about game users, characters, items, goods, and content.

Analysis cost savings

Building an in-game analysis environment requires a lot of time and resources. Use ThinkCore to save the cost of development resources for building analysis systems.

User churn prediction

ThinkCore performs machine learning based on every behavior of users and identifies the indicators that affect user churning in advance.

Real-time in-game indicator analysis

Game balance optimization

Analysis cost savings

User churn prediction

Big data service specialized for games
that helps you improve in-game indicators

It provides real-time information from current logged-in user status to sales, game goods, and stage play patterns.

You can see the essential information that may influence the game's balance and instantly respond to those factors, such as what items are currently being acquired and used by users, how much the success rate is for a specific item, the stages at which users leave the game, etc.

By creating a cohort tailored to user characteristics, data for each group such as OS information, incoming channel, user level, and game goods consumption can be immediately compared and analyzed.

Various in-depth analysis environments are provided to analyze factors such as what the users want, why they leave the game, what motivates them to return, etc.

In-depth sales-related indicators are provided, such as point of first payment, sales by product, and sales by level, in order to validate the game's BM.

As game sales are generated through the BM (business model), identifying whether the game's BM functions well is the most important point for improving game sales.

플랫폼 이미지
플랫폼 이미지

Unique logs can be analyzed through "event indicator analysis."

Enter the user's behavior (event) log and use "funnel analysis" for each event log for in-depth analysis. The raw log search feature is also provided for responding to user inquiries and individual analysis.

Multiple companies create global service with Game Report

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NTRANCE Corp. is a specialist of mobile game development and service. We are successfully servicing the "DK MOBILE" MMORPG with Game Report.


"Team Tapas" launched their second game <Bistro Heroes>, a mobile RPG, in September 2019. <Bistro Heroes> is in service and successfully provided to players through Game Report.

Quick and easy integrated SDK application

You can use it easily with a simple code.
For more details, please refer to the guide link.

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When items and goods are acquired at once in the gacha system, how do I specify the ItemInfos list?


If my game doesn't have the concept of player levels, how should I apply the SDK?


If the users in my game are supposed to keep and develop multiple characters at once, how should the character IDs be registered and managed?


Do requests from Unity Editors create logs in real time as well?

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