Integrated management for games

This is an integrated management service that allows you to implement the features required for games in a quick and easy manner, as well as use a variety of powerful features for operation.

Experience the features of GAMEPOT optimized for games


Providing about 10 types of user login authentication that are essential for the game.

Google Facebook Apple ID Twitter LINE NAVER


Providing key indicators essential for game operation in various forms.

Real-time Status Sales Statistics Log Analysis Retension 3rd Application Statistics SDK Interworking DAU / MAU / NRU Coupon-Related Statistics Checking Various Values 20 KPIs

Service Operation

Providing various tools necessary for game operation.

App check reservation Remote configuration Notice management Version control Image file upload & download Terms of use Privacy policy management


Supporting various overseas PGs as well as one-store payment support.

App Store One Store Google play Store External payment


Providing in-game alarm and message sending function (support time zone sending)



Working with big data (Hadoop) that can analyze detailed in-game log data

Cloud Hadoop Auto log sender


Provides the main security-related features of the game

Rooting jailbreaking app, memory forgery speed hack detection statistics


Supporting in-game chat that allows easy implementation without the need of using separate solution



Service Operation






Integrated management platform for game operation and development

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Providing dashboard with enhanced convenience

Provides a separate dashboard with powerful game KPI analysis and setting and management with maximized convenience.
You can easily check the statistics and manage various functions linked to the SDK.
You can also control 100% compatible features on the mobile web.

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Various global social login support

It supports global social login such as Google, Game Center, Naver, Facebook, Line, Twitter, and more recently it supports Apple ID as well.
It integrates into one task without the need of working with each SDK.
It also includes a terms and conditions agreement acceptance window customized for each country's laws.

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Supporting the global game market

It supports Google Play, Apple, and Galaxy Store by default, and supports the use of One-store in Korea and My Card in Taiwan with a single SDK interworking.
With the strong receipt verification and anti-illegal payment, it ensures that only normal payments are processed.

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Communication channel with customers

Customers can make in-game questions, check answers, and search FAQs without the need of going outside during the game.
It provides customer satisfaction and ratings and gives the insight into what customers think and how they are performing.

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Supporting various tools essential for operation

It provides various functions such as inspection, version update management tools, and notice to inform customers of in-game news, storage and inquiry of game players' information, pre-registration of tools to recruit players before the release of the game, and the operation of the function to send items to game users in group.

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Global mobile push notification

The first message you see on your mobile phone is push notification.
You can be the first to know the game updates and promotion news, and it is an important tool to encourage customers to restart games.
By using the integrated push cloud (nPush) for NAVER mobile apps used by LINE, VLIVE, SNOW, and NAVER App, it provides fast and reliable message sending.

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Multiple companies around the world
create global service with GAMEPOT

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  • PLAYWITH image

  • THUMBAGE image

  • Scene Stealer image

  • D&C image

Enterprise of marketing, operation, publishing, and development with rich experience of launching many projects successfully and delicate operation know-how to quickly grasp and reflect the needs of domestic game users.

Since its launch in the game marketing and licensing business in 1998, PLAYWITH is a global comprehensive game contents company that provides online game development and publishing services.

THUMBAGE is a subsidiary of 4:33 Creative LAB, and is specialized in mobile game development with multiple number of famous game developers.

A mobile game company that develops and provides high-quality games such as Shinkangho and Dark Lord.

Company that provides various competitive mobile games by applying popular IP to games.

Quick and easy integrated SDK application

You can start coding in a language applicable to a variety of development environments.
It is developed to use 30 functions easily and conveniently with simple code.

// GamePot initialize
[[GamePot getInstance] setup];

// GamePot Login channel initialize
[[GamePotChannel getInstance] addChannelWithType:APPLE interface:[[GamePotApple alloc] init]];

[[GamePotChannel getInstance] Login:APPLE viewContoroller:self success:^(GamePotUserInfo *userInfo) {
// login success
} cancel:^{
// login cancel
} fail:^(NSError *error) {
// login fail

Use GAMEPOT to the fullest

GAMEPOT can work with various products of NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.
If you want more perfect game operation and convenience, try to use it with various
prepared interlocking products to meet both cost and operational efficiency.

CDN 아이콘


You can deliver large amounts of content to many users quickly and without loss.

Object Storage 아이콘

Object Storage

You can save various images and files necessary for games.

Simple & Easy Notification Service 아이콘

Simple & Easy Notification Service

You can implement message notifications via SMS, PUSH, etc. on your service.

Effective Log Search & Analytics 아이콘

Effective Log Search & Analytics

You can save and analyze application logs generated during service operation quickly and easily.

Server 아이콘


You can build reliable game servers at low cost.

Cloud Hadoop 아이콘

Cloud Hadoop

Cloud Hadoop is an open-source, fully-managed cloud analytics services such as Apache Hadoop, Hbase, Spark, and Hive.

App Safer 아이콘

App Safer

AppSafer detects security threats in real time when your app runs on a mobile device.


Object Storage 아이콘Object Storage

Simple & Easy Notification Service 아이콘Simple & Easy Notification Service

Effective Log Search & Analytics 아이콘Effective Log Search & Analytics

Server 아이콘Server

Cloud Hadoop 아이콘Cloud Hadoop

App Safer 아이콘App Safer

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